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 Archive Of WATPA's Email Forum


Click here for the archives of WATPA's email forum (listserv)..

 Protecting Your Small Business On The Internet


Click here for a webcast of the panel on Protecting Your Small Business On The Internet, which was held June 16, 2004, at Sam's of Gedney Way, White Plains. This program was co-sponsored by the Westchester Information Technology Cluster and the Westchester County Consumer Protection Department.

 Internet Security For Home Users


In October 17, 2001, we presented the second part of our two part series on Internet security for home users had finished seven showings on Cablevision. . Click here for background material on Internet security.


 How To Be A Smart Telecommunications Services Consumer


On December 19, 2003, WATPA co-sponsored  a public meeting with the County Consumer Protection Office and WLS, which was held at the White Plains Library. The general counsel of a Washington-based consumer group, Telecommunications Research and Action Center, spoke on how to be a smart telecommunications services consumer.


 Learning on the Internet


Our October 19, 2000 seminar focused on how you can continue your education on the Web, featuring the leading e-learning company, 


 Faster Access To The Internet


On May 18, 2000 meeting, Chris Candreva of WESTNET provided an independent view and comparison of the various alternatives for getting "FASTER ACCESS TO THE INTERNET."  Click here for his presentation.


 Information Revolution And Libraries


On December 6, 1999, WATPA also co-sponsored a town meeting with the Westchester Library System on how the information revolution will affect libraries. It featured Louella Wetherbee, a nationally known library management consultant.


 Candidates, the Media, and the Public


In 1998, WATPA, along with the League of Women Voters and the Consumers Union, co-sponsored a very interesting panel on "Candidates, the Media, and the Public".


 Japanese Municipal Officials Visit WATPA


On October 29, 1997, Japanese Municipal Officials visit WATPA to learn how we were helping the county.  Read about it in this report.


 Municipal Service Networks


An article on Municipal Service Networks: On Ramps for the Information Superhighway  by David L. Snyder, Esq.


 Regulation of Cable Services


An article on Regulation and the Cable Environment  by Norman J. Jacknis, Ph.D., Chair, WATPA


 The Telecommunications Act of 1996


An article on "The Telecommunications Act of 1996: A Commentary on What Is Really Going on Here" by Warren J. Sirota, based upon his extensive job experience in the telephone industry



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